UPDATE: Florida Governor Rick Scott Now Listed As ‘Critical’ After Bizarre Hurricane Cleanup Accident

Florida Governor Rick Scott was taken by Lifeflight to Mercy General In Sarasota this morning after taking part in a cleanup effort in his home town that went terribly wrong. Scott’s Chief of Staff, Morton Valdy, told Fox News:

“Governor Scott was struck in the head with a ceramic roof tile this morning while helping a neighbor in his home town clear debris from his driveway. The tile fell from the neighbor’s roof and fwell nearly 30 feet before striking the Governor, knocking him unconscious.

After Lifeflight got to him and stabilized him he was moved to Mercy where his condition has been downgraded to critical. The next few hours in the ICU will be critical. Doctors will drill a small hole in his skull to relieve the pressure or internal bleeding.

Our thoughts and prayers are with him and his family.”

Governor Scott performed admirably this past week, making sure the residents of his state were safe and prepared. For this to happen is just tragic. Scott would have made a great presidential candidate in 2024.


BREAKING: Rick Scott’s Wife Takes Him Off Of Life Support: ‘It’s In God’s Hands Now’

President Trump tweeted out his condolences, noting that at least one Florida governor was worthy of our prayers. Critics called it a cheap shot at Jeb Bush, who also tweeted support for Governor Scott.

source: http://thelastlineofdefense.org



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