Moments After Sean Spicer Went On The Emmys He Sent A Special Message That Trump NEEDS To See


Ever since Sean Spicer showed up at the Emmys award show last night, everyone has been wondering, “Whose side is he on?!”

Well, luckily we finally have an answer direct from Spicer himself. In an interview with the New York Times done almost immediately after his surprise appearance, Spicer said he was 100% absolutely NOT there to make fun of President Trump.

The reporter asked Sean Spicer if he thought the President would take offense to the skit, to which he answered“I certainly hope not. This was an attempt to poke a little fun at myself and add a little bit of levity to the event.”

And there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with a little humor every now and again. Hell, I thought Spicer showing up was the ONLY funny part of the whole show. The rest was just hate-filled and mean-spirited.

So now we know for sure that the former Press Secretary has not turned on us or his old boss. That’s good news. Let’s make sure his message gets shared all over the place until Trump himself reads it.



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