Melania VICIOUSLY Attacked After Photoshoot But Look Who Threw The Knockout Punch!


Melania Trump left a photoshoot looking flawless as usual as the pictures were for a very special occasion that apparently, not everyone was in approval of. Those on the fringe who hate her for anything and everything are the most violent, as was proven after her photo session was finished and she was viciously attacked when the last person she expected swooped in out of nowhere and delivered the knockout punch.

Since taking on the role as First Lady, Melania has faced an unfair uphill battle against her from liberals — including relentless citizens who refuse to accept her and designers who won’t dress her. Somehow, it’s a bigger honor to dress Michelle Obama than our current classy First Lady, because droves of disgusting designers came out publicly to slander Melania, saying she would be an embarrassment to their designs (which definitely didn’t do any favors in flattering Michelle).

In her most recent photoshoot for her official White House portrait, Melania looked stunning in a beautiful Dolce & Gabbana black suit and scarf. The high-end designer was privileged to be picked to be part of this photo that will go down in history, but not everyone saw it the same way.

Both the First Lady and the brand were attacked for what she looked like in the flawless photo, by people so filled with hate that they can’t appreciate true beauty. Melania was picked apart for allegedly appearing overly airbrushed and supposedly not nearly as classy as her predecessor did in her official photo. The designer received heaps of backlash for going against his industry standard of despising for the Trumps and not boycotting the presidential pair.’


Stefano Gabbana (left), Melania’s official White House portrait (right) wearing Dolce & Gabbana

Rather than acting a coward and caving to his peers and detractors, Stefano Gabbana just became the most beloved designer among conservatives with his blunt response when he told his critics to “go to hell,” Breitbart reported.

“In a post to his Instagram account, the 54-year-old Italian designer proudly displayed the First Lady’s official portrait — released by the White House on Monday — which featured Trump wearing a D&G blazer,” the news site reported. This move made him a target of attack, for which he responded with the knockout punch to the tired argument over Melania.

“So you have lost a follower, and worst, an admirer,” Instagram user, @_boyafraid_ commented on the designer’s post. “[I] don’t care!! Really,” Gabbana replied, followed with “vai a cagare,” or “go to hell” in Italian.

Gabanna is among the few respectable designers classy enough who have announced that they would love to dress Melania — Tommy Hilfiger and Diane von Furstenburg others — but took it a step further by coming to her defense in the drop of a hat. These three will enjoy the pride of their work being on an incredible woman while the others can watch their stock plummet and see their labels sold at discount stores as their names fade into obscurity, or be reduce to having to dress a hag like Hillary Clinton.



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