Melania VICIOUSLY Attacked After Photoshoot But Look Who Threw The Knockout Punch!

April 6, 2017

Melania Trump left a photoshoot looking flawless as usual as the pictures were for a very special occasion that apparently, not everyone was in approval of. Those on the fringe who hate her for anything and everything are the most violent, as was proven after her photo session was finished and she was viciously attacked when the last person she expected swooped in out of nowhere and delivered the knockout…


Never Light These Candles In Your Home No Matter What – Here’s Why

November 30, 2016

No one can deny the pleasant atmosphere scented candles provide in the home. They simply fill the room with a delightful, relaxing aroma which calms and enrich the warm ambiance. The enjoyable and soothing experience due to the sweet aroma and soft glow of these scented candles is a real treasure! Yet, these aromatic candles apparently hide some terrible dangers under the mask of the pleasant scented. In an interview,…